Waltz For Peace

I’ve had the opportunity twice to be on a retreat in Assisi, Italy with Zen teacher Cheri Huber. One day we traveled more than two hours to the place where, in the 13th century, St. Francis went for his own meditation – the place that is now the beautiful sanctuary of La Verna. Surrounded by lush forestry, his silent meditations took place deep in a cave in the mountains, often lasting as long as 30 days at a time. To this day, St. Francis’ universal message of peace has inspired millions. And in these uncertain times, we begin with our own personal peacekeeping. We seek first our inner peace, even at a cellular level, to quell our internal wars. And from there everything with which we come in contact is altered.

Produced and composed by Giovanna Joyce Imbesi
© 2006 Giovanna Joyce Imbesi