Bridge To Isfahan for d

Most of us have been taught, by our family or society, about some fixed idea of who we ought to love – with boundaries of religious differences, age disparities, financial resources, race. Many of us have been on the receiving or giving end of this conversation at one point or another – ‘disqualifying’ someone or being ‘disqualified’. I’ve thought I was in love with someone, only to watch myself suffer because I knew I was attempting to love outside of my learned box and that the relationship would not last. I’ve also known someone to be in love with me, and watched as he struggled to love outside the rules of his inherited box. In both situations, people in these relationships are left with the experience of being unfulfilled, of not being enough. Brokenness can often teach us to be free of the boxes of beliefs we’ve been given that constrain love. Brokenness can teach compassion towards another heart still confined. One of the blessings of this life experience is in recognizing that the soul of another is quite enough…. and is often quite extraordinary.

Produced and composed by Giovanna Joyce Imbesi
© 2006 Giovanna Joyce Imbesi
Photo by Firouzeh Afsharnia