Ascension for k

The will to live and the resolve it takes to continue under daunting circumstances often defy science and all logic. Together they can expand the depths of one’s compassion. We have the option of choosing life every day. This choice becomes especially critical when the obstacles are stacked up against us. While recovering from my own surgery, I received some devastating news about a very dear friend and musician who had unexpectedly suffered a hemorrhage and was in a deep coma with a very uncertain future. Eight months later, I received word he is walking and is well on his way to an amazing recovery. “Ascension” was recorded moments after receiving this news. While I was recording this piece, a persistent image surrounded me of him dancing joyfully, free from all physical restrictions – an image I hold ever so strongly for his future. I can only imagine what it might be like to climb a mountain inch by inch, where the daily progress seems microscopic and is measured over months and years. The question of why such things occur in the first place may never be answered, yet the story of the will to live is indisputable.

Produced and composed by Giovanna Joyce Imbesi
© 2006 Giovanna Joyce Imbesi